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Art 1: General

The following general bases (gb) are integral part of all with each other and all contracts with Erwin Liedke and GeheimRat ©, in the following mentioned as EL | GeheimRat, the other mentioned as PARTS. Deviating agreements require email- or fax-form with mutual confirmation, a general exclusion of these gb is effectless. EL | GeheimRat are entitled to change and/or supplement these general bases. The publication of the gb will be made under
They become effective, if there is no contradiction to the changed and/or supplemental gb within 23 days after their publication. If there is a contradiction within the period stipulated or a later withdrawal out of the agreed rules occured, EL | GeheimRat are entitled to quit contracts and the with each other.
In case of cancellation all claims against EL | GeheimRat as well as derivatives of these are irrevocably forfeited, claims of EL | GeheimRat against PARTS will be regarded as confirmed.
If any part of this agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed to reflect the original intent and the remaining portions remain in full force and effect.

Art 2: With each other

• Basis for that with each other and the evaluation of this are the cluetrain-manifest, the Unibversal Declaratoion of human rights, Resolution 217 A (III) and the main-propositions of complexity.
• PARTS of EL | GeheimRat commit themselves as well to preserve the copyright. All conveyed data will be regarded as copyright relevant.
• Any communication is held via email and alternatively with fax. Both sides guarantee their email- and fax-accessibility and inform each other about relevant changes.
• Telephone calls and personal conversations serve the emotional expansion and/or emotional safety, this applies especially in dissent situations.
• It applies the basic rule, 'everyone is responsible for its responsibilities and for the so agreed sectors'.
• It exists the basis for invoicing, if capacities of the other one (know-how, specific qualities, time, thought achievement) are taken without agreement.
• The parties commit themselves to held up an appropriate argueing by email in case of dissent (e.g. for a period of 6 weeks with a 6 weeks distance from the occurred situation). As additional instruments the 2k_futurisms© from eyes2k mailto:eyes2k.dock as well as guilt/debt notes are recommended to be used. If this does not lead to an acceptable solution with both sides, arbitration-digits with EODC-certificate shall be requested. If there will be involved arbitration-digits without EODC-certificate, the results shall be regarded as additional perspective and will have no more binding strength.
• The use of hierarchies and 'flood-gating' procedures like this is known from national-state habits and considerations, is in principle ineffective and absolutely to be avoided.
• So called 'usuals' will not find any argumentative application.

Art 3: Fees and costs

• Fees are charged on daily rates (at present EUR 600,-) or on basicoverall. Exchanges of specialized knowledge will be charged in basic-units of EUR 1.200,- depending on the complexity of the existing situations/problems.
• The handling of analogue datafiles from PARTS will be charged as follows: EUR 20, - per page + vat, with a hardware-add-on of 8%, at least EUR 25,- with truncation on full 5, additional merits and further costs on a time and material basis.
• Unagreed transmittal of registered letters and/or officially stored writings by PARTS result at least in daily rate fees + vat, as well as in a 6-times penalty charge for active mobility-pressing.
• PARTS of EL | GeheimRat commit themselves to pay on outstanding accounts, if not well-foundedly contradicted within the announced period (at the latest 23 days) an additional handling charge of EUR 12, - per week after expiration of the time fixed for payment as well as a delay penalty of 1/100 per month, if no other concerted regulation is made. Clarifying attempts are led after the regulations to dissent situations implemented above.

Art 4: Forms of ’with each other'

• network relation, co-operation, joint venture → project and/or process orientated agreement.
• client - contractor relation → goal-formulated order situation.
• artist/futurist - 'exerciser' (someone, who is looking for a continuation or an upgrading in a problem-complex) → process-agreement.

Art 5: Licenses

If licenses of EL | GeheimRat are used, the accounting period is every 6 months. The invoicing is in principle a 'bringing-debt'. Each publication and each under-licencing (if the latter is agreed) must be made aware to the licenser immediately by email. In case of unauthorized license use or placing of licences, not-announced account delay and/or unfaithfulness with the accounting a 6-times penalty charge (after 24 months a 12times and after 36 months a 24times penalty charge) apart from the subsequent demand of the royalty can be required. Thereby a license use may be forfeited

Art 6: Liability and guarantee

Licenses and performances of EL | GeheimRat are ranging in boderline-areas. Because of the known risks a guarantee and/or a liability for success, failure, win or damage is excluded in any occurrence.

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