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ROM-art works

Learning from Farmers#2k113

Chickens in an industrial egg production facility The work deals with structural analogies between industrial egg and digital data production and illustrates the position that people are generally even willing to take voluntarily in this value creation cycle.

Ne Pas – analogue_series#no.21929

The red background reads: Ne pas In the context of widespread video conference communications during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was possible to observe how scientists appear there. Regardless of the discipline, scientists often sit in front of walls of books, sometimes even virtual walls of books. Designers, on the other hand, often use white walls.

11 Heroes of the Modern – digital_series#no.201011

Black and white image of 6 individual football player scenes, with one player excreting something ... Almost inevitably, this work raises the question of whether players in other performance-challenging open-air sports treat the shared competition surface in a comparable manner and to what extent the almost heroic elevation of importance of actors in the game of football also allows conclusions to be drawn about the era of the modern..

4u2 – Harmony Pictures Series

Harmony picture Potsdam Conference In the context of the artistic-scientific research work 4u2, initially only the harmony potential between two people was taken into consideration.

Since teams are also made up of many relationships between two people, insightful observations can also be made here, which have found their formulation in the series Harmony Pictures.

4u2 – Portrait Series

Portrait of Winston Churchill The creation of harmony pictures also results in individual portraits of the people involved. Below is a selection of public figures.

So far there are about one hundred drawings of people from politics, contemporary history, art, sports and law.


Adorno-Relevance addressees In reference to Beuys' 1964 installation and action on Duchamp and Sol LeWitt's format of the certificate, the work Adorno-Relevance#no.2k190301 deals with heroization and iconization in the reception of Adorno at least in the German-speaking academic world and addresses blind spots in institutionalized forms of criticism (art criticism, cultural criticism, theory criticism, social criticism).

InSights of a Bunker

Insights On the first weekend of June 2008, 12 km east of Wismar, 48 km southwest of Rostock, 262 km northwest of Berlin, an artistic-scientific experimental arrangement took place, which dealt prototypically with the handling of the closed by means of the opening of a filled bunker.

Before 1989, the bunker served as a shelter for the party leadership of the then Rostock district. [German only]

How comfortable was it? – analogue_series#no.281243

How comfortable was it in the bathtub? GR He died uncomfortably.
Ph: Now you have to put a deceased look and not grin. You look like the blooming life.
G: Dissolves... the shirt. No stability. I wonder what his shirt was like?
Ph: Even his collar corner is still correct.
G: And the way I'm lying here, if Barschel was lying like this, he certainly didn't die, he died at most from the performance in the bathtub...

Representation by the Berlin Parliament – analogue_series#no.121151

How representative is the parliament By asking the question "How representative is a representative democracy?" the work addresses the virulent criticism that representative systems and representative democracies face.
On the one hand, the chosen example of the German parliamentary elections in 2005 shows the field of tension, and on the other hand, one of the answers given by all 622 contacted members of parliament allows a differentiated insight into the theoretical discourse.

State symbols for Kosovo – analogue_series#no.21383

Flag for Kosovo Following a call to artists in 2007 to design state symbols for Kosovo, a flag was created in addition to an anthem and a seal:
The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of the same width, with the upper two combined in the same color. The blue used represents the color of the sky above Kosovo, the lower stripe represents the color of the steppe of the country. The central stripe is inset with a 23-pronged sun in the same earthy color as the land...


Rrose Selavy and Mile of String... In memoriam Marcel Duchamp and his works

Rrose Sélavy (1920–1921) und

Mile of String (1942).

German Constitutional State – analogue_series#no.121843

Quote from The Judgment of Cambyses by Gerard David In a courtroom-like setting, the work combines
- the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with
- the German Basic Law,
- the German Federal Constitutional Court Act and
- the German oath of judges.

A special attention is to be directed to the conditions, formulated in the Federal Constitutional Court law and which...


GeheimRat Security Sign The digital_series is a listing of digital tools in their visual appearance. In the context of other GeheimRat work, these tools are also incorporated into operations.


Excerpt from art_impress The following data are part of an artistic process and research work on the topics 'displacement' and '2k responsibility'. In case of use of ...

... ask in advance for participation under the subject GeheimRat analogue_series#no.2k0023


Example of an analogue security system The series analogue_securitySystems documents analogue forms of a securing from different areas of life.

GeheimRat audio

Someone hears The audio section shows various sound concepts, such as those included in previous web launches.