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analogue_series#no.21383 – State symbols for Kosovo

Based on a call to artists in 2007 to develop state symbols for Kosovo, GeheimRat submitted the following designs.


Draft seal for Kosovo


Coat of arms design for Kosovo

Anthem instrumental


Flag design for Kosovo

The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of the same width, with the upper two combined in the same color. The blue used represents the color of the sky above Kosovo, the lower stripe represents the color of the steppe of the country. The central stripe is inset with a 23-pronged sun in the same earthy color as the land.
The flag design is unique. Only familiar elements of other national flags are used. The color scheme is adapted to the national conditions.

Anthem with singing

This vocal version has German lyrics and clarifies the melody of the composition. It should be left to a native speaker to write the vocal text.


Exhibition Display

Exhibition display 21383