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Certificate of Genuineness CoG

A Certificate of Genuineness vouches for the genuineness of a work of art and certifies that the work of art has been presented for certification by appropriate evidence.

Current art productions, for example from the fields of media, net, conceptual art or RAM-art, are often characterized by the following criteria:

Genuineness symbol

GeheimRat genuiness symbol
nicht notwendige Bedingungen

Even if these are not necessary conditions, it is clear that the materials shown in exhibitions often represent only incomplete derivations of the works or the productions and are insufficient for an assessment. The CoG thus represents a preventive safeguard for a work.

Artworks with a GeheimRat-CoG are classified according to the art-for-better-life categories.

Complete CoG

Example of a complete certificate of genuineness

The procedure

  1. Send an email along with evidence about your work, contextual information such as placement in current or historical art discourses, names and contact information of author(s), and curator(s) as appropriate to the certUNIT.
  2. The certUnit checks the completeness of the documents.
  3. The curators are then asked by the certUnit via email to evaluate the work according to the art-for-better-life theses.
  4. The curators' evaluation is mediated with an evaluation by the certUnit to form an overall evaluation.
  5. Based on this overall evaluation, the Certificate of Genuineness for this work will be generated and emailed to you.
  6. The submitted supporting documents are stored in a database together with a copy of the CoG.

And here it goes to a concrete example.