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A highly endangered Bocksbeutel from 1933 becomes an artistic work in conjunction with a certificate. In the tradition of Douglas Huebler and especially Sol LeWitt, the work welds a ready-made in the form of this bottle and a certificate into an artistic unity.


reentry 193301 Certificate


reentry 193301 Bocksbeutel bottle

At exhibitions or other performances, in short, at any presentation, both may be exhibited only together. Each case of infringement is, according to the text of the certificate (see below), threatened with the payment of a contractual penalty in the amount of US$ 193,301 to the author.

"Deconstructing does not mean denying or dismissing, but questioning and-perhaps this is the most important aspect-opening a concept [...] for a reuse or reapplication that has not been authorized before." (retranslated from german) BUTLER, Judith, „Kontingente Grundlagen: Der Feminismus und die Frage der 'Postmoderne“, in: BENHABIB, Seyla, BUTLER, Judith, CORNELL, Drucilla, FRASER, Nancy (Hrg.): Der Streit um Differenz. Feminismus und Postmoderne in der Gegenwart, Frankfurt/Main 1993, S. 48.

Bottle label

reentry 1933 bottle label

Text of the Certificate


This is to certify that GeheimRat art-work
evidenced by this certificate is authentic.

The certificate-holder (name / surname o. company, e_mail, fax) has the right to use the artwork. This certificate is integral part of the artwork and has visibly to accompany the 1933_bottle at any presentation, transferring or selling, which has to be declared to the copyright-owner at least 24 days in advance.

Every value increase of the artwork has to result in a 12% participation, proceeds e.g. out of rent in a 36% participation of the copyright-owner. The copyright-owner has the right to use the artwork 36 days per year free of charge [except transportation and insurance].

Copyright-owner and certificate-holder guarantee their e_mail- and fax-accessability and immediate information about relevant changes. The certificate-holder convince itself to pay a penalty of breach of contract of US$ 193.301,- in every case of unauthorized presentation or use to the copyright-owner.

Other situations will be handled by the artist agreement form of Bob Projansky and Seth Siegelaub, 1971.

2k03-10-12 16:16 [GMT+1]

certified (signature)


Exhibition Display

Exhibition display 193301